The best way to make the children good is to make them happy.
- Oscar Wilde

Your children’s well-being

Every child is unique, even in a community. The personalization of the care, a trusting relationship and the respect of each child’s habits and natural rhythm are of the utmost importance to us.

We also value the role parents have to play and especially mothers who choose to continue to breast feed their children. Mothers, lucky enough to be able to continue breast feeding, will find a comfortable private room in which they can feed their children. Our staff will of course happily accept a bottle of breast milk from you with which to feed your child.

We recognize that parents are the first educator of their children. We encourage discussion between parents and our professional educators to ensure continuity for the children.

Excellent and flexible service

We welcome each family individually and offer extremely flexible schedule as we recognize this is necessary, especially when both parents work.

Not a boot camp

Your children will never be evaluated or compared to some scale. We simply offer them a safe environment in which to play, learn or simply dream. Our activities are never imposed on the children, we simply propose activites.

Ecological responsibilities

We hope to set a good example in our day care centers by using natural products and collecting and recycling where possible. We hope this is beneficial for all in the long run.

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