The best way to make the children good is to make them happy.
- Oscar Wilde

A woman searching for an ideal day care center...

The idea to create Happy Children was born when Silvye Leonardi realized how difficult it is for parents to find a suitable day care center for their children. Silvye, a specialized nurse supervisor at the time, and herself confronted as a parent to unsatisfactory day care solutions that failed to marry the professional and family lives of parents, started to work on a concept for an ideal day care center, a center where young children might grow and blossom in harmony. Happy mother of two, Silvye Leonardi decided to make a difference by founding Happy Children, in order to create day care solutions that meet the ideals of her concept.

Happy Children is a small friendly company with strong values, specializing in the creation and management of day care organizations for young children. Our day care solutions are designed and managed to take the best possible care of your youngling from the end of your maternity leave and to their starting school. Regardless who orders our services, we promise to provide a custom, personalized solution that meets the needs of your children.

Our goal is to enable a better balance between family and professional lives and ensure the well-being of the children. With Happy Children, every day, we work for the serenity and well-being of parents and children.

Happy Children manages day care projects for companies, municipalities or conglomerates. We have a multidiscipline team of professionals providing you with a complete and custom solution.

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