The best way to make the children good is to make them happy.
- Oscar Wilde
A word from our founder

Silvye LeonardiHistorically, Switzerland has always considered the reconciliation of family and working life as a matter pertaining to the private sphere. Currently, however, the Swiss Federal Council is making a political priority of finding better solutions for reconciling the often conflicting demands of profession and family.

It is a bold and complex endeavour for a company to create a proficient day care solution for its employees’ young children. Happy Children is your answer. In the highly regulated field that is the care of young children, Happy Children provides an accessible platform for the exchange of know-how, skills and experience, to promote and support the formation of crèches or day care centers in work environments.

That's why Happy Children associates itself with businesses committed to the improvement of childcare. We believe in labels such as the Fourchette Verte. A remarkable partner in the advancement of healthy eating, the Fourchette Verte encourages consumers from an early age on to adopt healthier eating habits.

We are also committed to working in an environmentally responsible way, and continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we use. For example, we have put this policy in practice by using mattresses that are made of organically grown cotton and supplies such as paper and pencils, from recycled material.

In each Happy Children day care solution, the highest priority of our professional teams is to ensure the child's security, integrity and identity. Our teams find ways to maintain an ongoing link between the child and his parents in their absence.

Our professional are neither substitutes nor replacements for parents: they serve as a relay.

Silvye Leonardi Forler, founder