The best way to make the children good is to make them happy.
- Oscar Wilde

An innovative pedagogical approach

On the basis of experience with young children’s care, Happy Children has developed an innovative pedagogy which puts individual blossoming, environmental security and excellent parental relationships first and foremost.

Our team includes several perfectly bilingual English and French speakers. We propose and encourage optional, twice a week, activities in the English language in order to encourage and stimulate the learning of languages.

Our educational teams offer three month olds to four year olds secure, affectionate and encouraging supervision adapted for each child’s individual characteristics and level of maturity. They initiate a trusting and respectful relationship most important for the long term well being and integration of the child. Needless to say they adapt to the individual needs of each child — adapt to his personal rhythm — and accompany each child in their discoveries and encourage the exploration of their limits in a favorable environment for personal growth.

We guarantee coherent care for your children by maintaining a close relationship with the parents and families so as to adapt to their individual values within reason.

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