The best way to make the children good is to make them happy.
- Oscar Wilde

An exclusive setting

We have designed a concept setting for each new care center we implement, our project based on professional experience and our pedagogy. This layout features:

  • a play area, for individual or group play;
  • a rest area, for calm moments or naps;
  • an eating area;
  • changing and hygiene areas specially designed to respect the child’s intimacy.

Our design is based on there being clear reference points and reassuring colors for secure feeling. Additionally, the layout has dedicated areas for different age groups, a reception area for parents and a secured outdoor play area. A comfortable and intimate area is reserved for breast feeding mothers.

The furniture and play things have been designed by professionals for the specific need of young children. We pay the utmost attention to designing a harmonious setting in a natural environment and an ecologically sound way.

To the extent possible we use natural materials like wood, wool and organic cotton. The toys and furniture are made from natural material. The drawing ustensils are naturally pigmented bees wax based. Pine cones and chestnuts collected on outings and used in workshops, in addition to modeling wax, help create a true contact with the outside world and encourage creativity and diverse touch sensations.

The cleaning agents and gardening tools are chosen to be naturally based and biodegradable.

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